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DC Comics: Batman Timeless Steam Punk Limited Edition 27cm Figure [SQUARE ENIX]

  • DC Comics: Batman Timeless Steam Punk Limited Edition 27cm Figure [SQUARE ENIX]. 

    From Square Enix. This highly detailed figure is part of the "Batman Timeless" line of Play Arts KAI figures, depicting the Dark Knight in various time periods. 

    Throughout generations there have always been agents of crime, chaos and evil that contend with forces of justice. Throughout time, every incarnation of Batman stood as a beacon of hope and a reflection of that age. Utilizing innovative technology, Batman is ever vigilant even in lawless times. These figures provide a chance to see the concept of the vigilante we know, envisioned through intriguing epochs of time. 

    Inspired by the fantastic sci-fi subgenre of steampunk, the Square Enix Variant Play Arts KAI "Timeless" series includes a new Batman. His Batsuit, inspired by turn of the century steam powered technology, offers a design that transcends time and space. The fine sculpting and paintwork as well as the expert knowledge of the materials used elevates the unique functional beauty of the steam-powered technology on Batman. The Batman Timeless Steampunk figure features multiple gears and cogs, seen through his transparent chest armor, a burnished bronze metallic paint scheme, and a five-layer cape which hearkens back to designs from da Vinci. This type of technical machinery could be found in an 1890's Batcave with a gaslamp atmosphere that is a perfect match for the Dark Knight. 

    The Batman: Timeless Steampunk Collectible Figure features: 

    • Steampunk Batsuit with multiple gears and cogs (seen through a transparent piece in the chest armor)
    • Burnished bronze metallic color
    • Five-layer structured cape
    • Five interchangeable hands
    • One weapon accessory
    • One figure stand

    Height: 27cm (approx.) 

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