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DC Comics: Batman Timeless Bushido Version Limited Edition 27cm Figure [SQUARE ENIX]

  • DC Comics: Batman Timeless Bushido Version Limited Edition 27cm Figure [SQUARE ENIX]. 

    Throughout the last 75 years, many incarnations of the Dark Knight have been produced for television, film, comic books, video games and more. Batman has always stood as a beacon of hope for those in Gotham City and has been one of the most popular superheroes ever. 

    A new Batman has joined the ranks, its concept is derived from the spirit of Bushido, "the way of the warrior.” The samurai code of chivalry: a strong sense of justice, silent, but filled with strength and a kindness within. The spirit of the Japanese Bushido is highly regarded all around the world. 

    With duel katana’s sheathed on his back, this figure complements the agile characteristics of Batman with a suit of armour tailed for a warrior of the Far East. The gashes and cuts all over his armour tell tales of epic battles. Some parts of the armour have incorporated a style similar to a military commander from the Gengoku era. Batman’s gadgets include a gripping claw with era-appropriate design. Draped in cape adored with burning red embellishments and very deliberate use of black, this figure is reminiscent of finely crafted Japanese wares found throughout history. The figure stands like a handcrafted Japanese masterpiece.

    "A Batman will always exist, The Dark Knight is timeless" 


    • Bushido armour with battle damage 
    • 1 long katana with sheath 
    • 1 short katana with sheath 
    • 1 grappling hook weapon 
    • 5 interchangeable hands 
    • Figure stand

    Height: 27cm (approx.) 

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