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DC Comics: Batman Timeless Spartan Version Limited Edition 27cm Figure [SQUARE ENIX]

  • DC Comics: Batman Timeless Spartan Version Limited Edition 27cm Figure [SQUARE ENIX]. 

    Through generations, there has always been a force of justice that agents of crime, chaos and evil have contended with. Every incarnation of Batman that existed throughout time stood as a beacon of hope and a reflection of the age. Utilising and innovating the technology available, Batman is ever vigilant even in lawless times. These figures provide a chance to see the concept of the vigilante we know now envisioned through intriguing epochs of time. 

    The Timeless series features interpretations of various eras and settings and projects them onto the character. This time, we bring you a combination of a fearless Spartan infantry soldier and our Dark Knight hero: BATMAN. Sparta Batman features heavy armour that evokes an overwhelming presence during battle, along with battle scars and damage that depicts the intensity of battle. A brawny physique and dark colour bring together the iconic characteristics of a Spartan warrior and BATMAN. 

    "A Batman will always exist, The Dark Knight is timeless" 


    • Spartan heavy armour with battle damage 
    • 4 daggers 
    • 1 sword 
    • 1 shield 
    • 1 spear 
    • 5 interchangeable hands 
    • Figure stand

    Height: 27cm (approx.) 

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