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Dragon Ball Z: Porunga (Namekian Shenron) 17cm Figure [Banpresto]

  • Dragon Ball Z: Porunga (Namekian Shenron) SCultures Zoukei Tenkaichi Budoukai 4 17cm Figure [Banpresto]. 

    Porunga (ポルンガ, Polunga) is the wish-granting dragon from Planet Namek in the Dragon Ball manga and the anime Dragon Ball Z. His name in Namekian language translates to "Dragon of Dreams" or "Dragon of Law". In the anime, Dende refers to Porunga as the "Dragon of Love", "God of Dreams", or even "Granter of Dreams" in Dragon Ball Z Kai.

    A Dragon Ball figure that you will not see every day. Porunga the almighty Namekian dragon is here to grant you three wishes. The dragon who is more muscular than Shenron, the version from Earth, and is displayed in great detail and very impressive. You can nearly feel the power that resides in him.

    Height: 17cm (approx.) 

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